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Administrative and Regulatory Law

Given the configuration of the Bolivian State, understanding the legal and local practices of public entities and companies is vital to successfully develop regulated activities and those related to public administration in the country.

About practice

We accompany local and multinational companies in the main opportunities, reforms and administrative and regulatory changes in Bolivia. We have extensive experience providing comprehensive advice to clients whose businesses are closely related to state authorities and companies, through different public procurement modalities, including business associative contracts with the State.

Application areas

  • Design of complex corporate, associative and representation structures to participate in regulated businesses and public contracts.
  • Incorporation of companies and obtaining administrative licenses, permits and authorizations.
  • Comprehensive assistance for tenders or contracts with public entities.
  • Advice for the fulfillment of administrative and regulatory obligations.
  • Claims in the administrative venue and preparation of administrative resources.
  • Legal defense of sanctioning administrative processes.
  • Accompaniment during processes of closure and conclusion of regulated activities.



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