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Real Estate

The legal audits conducted by Moreno Baldivieso’s interdisciplinary team keep our clients secure when investing in real estate assets or seeking financing for business ventures.

About practice

We are prepared to provide counsel on the constitution of financial collaterals, such as mortgages and fiduciary divestitures. We also provide legal services in the administration of real estate assets for developers, investors (local, foreign or institutional, public or private), resource managers (investment funds and banks) and companies in general.

Application areas

  • Due diligence and technical auditing teams for the acquisition of real estate assets.
  • Structural analysis for the viability of real estate projects in conjunction with other subdivisions within the firm, such as Corporate and Capital Markets.
  • Legal counsel on the acquisition and demobilization of assets.
  • Preparation and negotiation of construction contracts and construction management.
  • Sale and lease.
  • Real estate solutions for the implementation of infrastructure projects.




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