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The law firm provides a comprehensive tax advisory service that ensures our clients in strategic areas, including compliance with tax obligations, preventive advisory, and national and international tax planning.

About practice

We specialize in tax advisory services, assistance in tax audits, and tax refund requests. Additionally, we have extensive experience in representing and defending clients before the Tax Dispute Authority and the Judiciary.

Application areas

  • Corporate Taxation.
  • Taxation of Economic Groups.
  • Taxation of Financial Markets.
  • Tax and estate planning.
  • Tax Compliance.
  • Transfer Pricing.
  • Corporate tax advice on reorganizations and project finance transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.
  • Legal assistance in tax audits carried out by the tax administration.
  • Analysis of accounting documents to prevent tax risks.
  • Tax analysis of national tax legislation and international double taxation treaties.
  • Tax and Legal Controversies and Litigation.




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