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We provide advice to various local and multinational companies on bidding and contracting processes with the State, through their various modalities, including associative business contracts with the State.

About practice

Our lawyers advise clients from the beginning of public procurement processes, in the negotiation and execution of contracts with the State, in the resolution of disputes arising from these contracts, and generally in all legal needs related to these types of contracts. We also have a specialized team to provide legal advice to our clients in the negotiation, subscription, and development of Public-Private Partnerships that are established for the execution of all kinds of works and infrastructure.

Application areas

  • Comprehensive advice on public bidding and contracting processes.
  • Legal monitoring and supervision of compliance with rights and obligations determined in contracts signed with the State.
  • Defense of our clients in their relationships and disputes with their counterparts, as well as in oversight or sanctioning processes initiated by other entities of the Public Administration.
  • Structuring Public-Private Partnerships – PPP.




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