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The rise of information and telecommunication technologies and services is inexorably advancing, and the advice of our law firm’s lawyers, specialized in the field, provides a decisive advantage to our clients.

About practice

Our team has a broad and deep knowledge of telecommunications and information technology regulation and legislation, which allows us to advise and assist our clients in all aspects related to information and communication technologies, broadcasting, signal distribution, network operation, mobile communications, telecommunications infrastructure, satellite services, data transmission, use of electromagnetic frequencies and data protection, among others. The firm has extensive experience in regulation, obtaining licenses, authorizations and administrative contracts relating to telecommunications services and their modifications, as well as in advising on compliance with regulatory standards and administrative procedures.

Application areas

  • Procedures, registrations, authorizations and licenses before the regulatory authority.
  • Participation, capital and investment of foreign clients.
  • Public service obligations and rights of a public nature.
  • Bidding processes and obtaining licenses and contracts.




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